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19. november 2011 at 19:05

I am badjojo a housewife of 36 years. My name is Mary. I read a lot of stories in secret, so my husband does not know what I do during the day. I have enjoyed many times before and had fantasies about her, and while I was badjojo not sure how true that many of them, they had to do, we wondered what was wrong. Well... its March 30 Saturday morning and I'm on a night with some friends. A meal, then drinks a night club. In general, dancing with the kids laugh, etc, but tonight, for some reason I was very active. This black man was dancing with me and began to fall, usually listen to the guys, but I let it go. My friends were too busy dancing with other guys to notice. In fact clutched my short skirt, which was an asset. Then he kissed me and whispered that "fuck me" wanted. Now that the first sentence I've had in 15 years of marriage! I laughed and walked away from him, but on this site and what others are up to my curiosity. Eventually my friends said they were ready to go..... I said ok..... went with them and we were waiting for a taxi. Stay away from me, so I usually get two cabins always with me, but the first and the second that night I said to them, the first received. I took the courage badjojo and left the taxi and went back into the club. In search of him, I could not see and was disappointed but it was not long, a few other guys asked me to dance. I was amused by a kiss and let his hands without thinking of my friends saw me wandering. One man was very rude and badjojo had me in a corner with my skirt and slid my hand in his pants. My first cock I had, except my hubbys for over 15 years, and it felt great. Since I knew I wanted really screwed up by someone, but do not know what to do. That's when I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked around, it was my black friend. He said that, so u have to return for them, then...... I saw highm, and only said yes... want to go? He took me out and we grabbed a taxi and went to his house and he and I had wild sex and hard..... no protection was used.... I never thought about it and think it was too fast and too wild about it. I had a few hours, then I called a taxi, and here I am at home.... still wet from the thought!! Also I have your phone number... I return it?

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